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Why print your photos?

To this day, I get emails from clients asking me to help recover their photos from past sessions. Sometimes it's due to a crash on their hard-drive. Sometimes it's because they forgot to download their photos to a safe place rather than just saving it to their phone. I started to realize that even for myself, I haven't got around to printing photos from when my baby was just that-- a baby. It's one of the those back burner chores that was never high up on my priority list because I knew I could just look at them on my phone.

A surgeon stitches the patient back up after surgery, a gardener clears up the pile of grass after mowing, a professor will lecture and then grade your test papers.

And there it was, why would I devote my heart and soul to a service and not complete it? I want nothing more than for my work to be seen, proudly displayed in your hallway, your bedroom, your grand entrance, everywhere! It's YOUR family's legacy.

Preparation for a digital image requires the same amount of skill set, time, retouching and labor of love. The end product I give to you is a tangible object for all to admire-- not just a picture on a screen. Your keepsake print product is provided from a professional lab that is capable of handling all of my camera's color data. 

Over the years, I have learned what my clients love and expect. I strive to reach beyond that. You can relax knowing you're in loving hands with Whitney Houseman Photography. Your experience does not have to end with an email saying, "hey, here's your online gallery."


Be prepared to be “wowed” with timeless products in addition to digital images. From ready to hang gallery wrapped canvases, to customized albums perfect for any placement. I will assist you in choosing your products, where to hang your products, and what sizes would be best for your home.

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Don't forget to print your photos!